Honorary memberships at Royal Montrose

FOLLOWING last year’s hugely successful bicentenary celebrations, the Royal Montrose Golf Club entered its 201st year with two very special presentations at the annual general meeting last month.

From February, 2008, when he was appointed bicentenary convener, the former club Captain Harry Faulkner OBE, spent a huge amount of time and effort planning and co-ordinating the golfing and social events for the Bicentenary.

This included the ‘Week of Celebration’ in September 2010 which involved representatives from over 43 Royal Golf Clubs around the world travelling to Montrose and participating in celebratory events.

In his spare time Mr Faulkner, alongside fellow member Richard Phinney and using W. Coull’s ‘Golf in Montrose’ as a starting point, managed to write the very successful history of the club’s first 200 years entitled ‘A Golden Tyme Indeid’.

In recognition of his contribution to the club, captain Brian Ritchie conferred honorary membership on Mr Faulkner.

Mr Ritchie also had the honour of conferring the club’s first lady honorary membership on Mrs Jean Thomson, nee Archibald.

Mrs Thomson has been a member of the club for 75 years and since joining on January 1, 1936, she has become one of the Royal Montrose’s oldest and most respected members.

Throughout her golfing life Jean has achieved a very high standard and even got down to a single figure handicap.

She also won the North Links Ladies’ Golf Club (now part of Royal Montrose Ladies) Junior Girls’ Championship in 1938 at the age of just 14.

Jean went on to serve the club on various club councils and became lady captain in 1955, she took on the responsibility again in 1977.

Alongside being active at the Royal Montrose for many years, Jean continues to have a very active interest in golf at county level and was at one time involved with the Scottish team selection.

She can still be seen pounding the fairways and taking an active interest in the running of the club, which the Royal Montrose hopes she will continue to do for many years to come.

Mr Faulkner and Mrs Thomson join only five other club members who have been given honorary membership during the last 25 years.