All the action from the local golf links

THE LATEST golf results from around the town were as follows:

Royal Montrose Ladies

THURSDAY, June 9: Medal Course (CSS 73) - SLGA Brooch, Gold Bracelet Round Two, 1, J. Henderson (12) 71; 2, J. Walker (11) 74. Broomfield Course (CSS 71) - 1, A. Grant (33) 67.

Friday, June 10, Open Greensomes: Scratch, J. Brown and L. Fenton (Monifieth and Carnoustie Ladies) 76.

Handicap: 1, L Forsyth and D Adam (Caledonia Golf Club), (20.8) 68.2; 2, S Ogg and J Nisbet (Dunkeld and Birnam) (21.0) 70.0; 3, G Penman and P Sutherland (Royal Montrose Ladies) (13.6) 70.4.

Montrose Caledonia Ladies

TUESDAY, June 7: Greenwood Stableford round three Medal (CSS 73) - 1, L. Forsyth 37 points (31); 2, E. Fullarton 35 points (20). Fullarton Stableford round three, Broomfield (CSS 71) RO - 1, P Craig 38 points (34), 2, K Murray 37 points (29).

Royal Montrose Golf Club

Winners of the June Medal on Saturday, June 4 were Jamie Gardiner Scratch, Rae Strachan Handicap: Class 1 – Rae Strachan (7) 69; 2, Jamie Gardiner (scr) 73; 3, Brett Williams (4) 75. Class 2 – 1, Alan Willis (27) 69; 2, Steve Smith (18) 74, bih; 3, Gordon Milne (12) 74.

CSS for the day was Reduction Only.

Belhaven Best Qualifiers are Rae Strachan and Alan Willis.

Grant Strachan had a hole in one at the 12th, par 3, 131 yards playing a six-iron. His playing partners were John Smith, Arthur Forsyth and Peter McGuone.

Montrose Mercantile

MIAMI qualifying: N. Leslie beat G. Annat; G. Hemsley beat A. Carcary; W. Henderson beat F.J. Murray; G.J. Young beat N. Southern.

Adelaide second round: W. McKenzie beat I. Spence; J. Scott beat I. McIntyre; S. Davis beat G. Paterson; A. Cunningham beat B. Coull; H. Gibson beat J. O’Hara; M.E. Taylor beat M. Mathers; B.S. Henderson beat J.K. Lloyd; M. Beaton beat W. Haddick.

W.W. Stott, second round: M. Graham and D. Scott beat S. Biggs and A. Stallard; G. Robb and J. O’Donnell beat W. McKenzie and D. Barr; S. Davis and W. Beattie beat G. and C. Coull; K. Milne and D. Gordon beat W. Massey and S. Thornton; A. Findlater and M. Wink beat N. Leslie and I. Geddes; I. Kay and D. Duncan beat A. Moncur and A. Smith; S. Smart and J. Collier beat K. Duncan and I. Jamieson; H. Gibson and B.S. Henderson beat R. Wink and A. Shepherd; K. Smith and M. Young beat M.E. Taylor and G. Millar; K. and G. Stephen beat P. Davidson and A. Maiden; A. Riddell and D. McHardy beat J.K. Lloyd and A. McNab.

Montrose Mercantile Ladies

MONDAY, June 6: SLGA Medal (CSS 74), Silver - J. Grubb (6) 75; Bronze - S. Scott (27) 77.

Broomfield Handicap Cup Round Three (CSS 71 RO) D. Neave (21) 72.

Links Texas Scramble

SUNDAY, June 12: 1, PGC (J. Steel, S. Bragg, C. MacDonald and F. Downie) - 55.8; 2, Charles Cassie’s Team (C. Cassie, D. Cassie, M. Hogan and D. Grant) - 56.2 bih; 3, Angus Sultans (C. Traill, M. Wood, S. McGlashan, B. Moore) - 56.2; 4, Norman Johnson’s Team (N. Johnson, C. McCann, S. Matthew, S. McMahon) - 56.5 bih; 5, Kellys Heroes (G. Coull, A. Serrells, R. Coull, C. Kelly) - 56.5 bih.

Nearest the pin at the third, men - Graeme McPeteridge; nearest the pin at the 12th, ladies - Trish Cresdee.

Links Charles Webster Trophy

FIRST round results are as follows.

A. Forsyth (RM) beat G Leslie (MM) 3 and 2; M Stewart (RM) beat A Taylor (MM) 3 and 2; G N Hemsley (RM) beat I Harley (RM) one hole; M Smith (MM) beat J King (MM) two holes; B Scott (RM) I Kay (MM) at 21st; K Dickson (MM) beat J Tasker (MM) 3 and 2; N Faulkner (MM) beat R Mennie (MM) w/o; A Mowatt (MM) beat M Gove (MM) 2 and 1; J Collier (MM) beat B Reid (RM) w/o; S Fullerton (MM) beat A McNab (MM) w/o; R Strachan (RM) beat S Biggs (MM) one hole; K McGeachy (RM) beat S J Hutchison (RM) w/o; A Paton (RM) beat D Milne (MM) one hole; S Barclay (MM) beat J Greig (MM) 7 and 6; J Watt (MC) beat P Forsyth (RM) w/o; R Watt (MM) beat A Findlater (MM) 4 and 3.

Second round draw, ties to be played by July 3: A Forsyth (RM) v M Stewart (RM); G N Hemsley (RM) , M Smith (MM); B Scott (RM) v K Dickson (MM); N Faulkner (MM) v A Mowatt (MM); J Collier (MM) v S Fullerton (MM); R Strachan (RM) v K McGeachy (RM); A Paton (RM) v S Barclay (MM); J Watt (MC) v R Watt (MM).