Annual finals day at Links

MONTROSE Golf Links held its annual finals day on Sunday.

Results were as follows:

Links Championship - Gavin Hemsley (Montrose Mercantile) lost to Ross Coull (Royal Montrose) 9 and 7.

Junior Links Championship Scratch - Findlay Soutar (Montrose Mercantile) beat Jamie Beedie (Montrose Mercantile) 4 and 3.

Junior Links Championship Handicap - Sean Logue (Royal Montrose) lost to Ewan Wheat (Royal Montrose) 3 and 2.

George Lloyd Trophy - Brian Henderson (Montrose Mercantile) lost to James A Grant (Royal Montrose) one hole.

Duncan Rosebowl - Sharon Young (Royal Montrose) lost to Siggy Harley (Royal Montrose), two holes.

C B Webster Memorial Trophy - Ian Kay (Montrose Mercantile) lost to Allan Reoch (Montrose Mercantile) 4 and 3.

Ladies’ Links Championship - Claire Penman (Carnoustie Caledonia) beat Susan Reid (Montrose Caledonia) 2 and 1.

Cockerill Cup (Broomfield) - Ewan Wheat (Royal Montrose) beat Rhys Bailey (Montrose Caledonia) 3 and 2.

Montrose Mercantile

CORONATION Cup Final – N. Leslie beat J Collier.

Lindsay Cup Final – J. McGill beat B. Barclay.

Handicap Cup Final – B. McKay beat M. Graham.

Ww Stott Final – J. and S. McGill beat G. Annat and D. McHardy.

Simpson Trophy Final – A. Moncur beat J.V.A. Stewart.

Tom Valentine Cup - I. McIntyre Beat J.K. Lloyd.

D.J. Wood semi-final – R.W. West beat M. Taylor; G. Annat beat F.J. Murray.

G. Lloyd semi-final - A Boyd W/O; K. Duncan beat A. Cunningham.

Mansewood fourth round – N. Smith and B. McKay beat I. Kay and J. Lloyd; D. Milne and G. Christie beat G.J. Yong and D. McHardy; G. Young and G. Coull beat R. Wink and G. Leslie; M. Taylor and G. Miller beat G. Annat and G. Marr.

W.W Fraser fourth round – L. Geddes beat J. O’Hara; S. Barclay beat K. Craig; J. McGill beat D. McHardy; I. Buist beat F.J. Murray. Semi-final – S. Barclay beat L. Geddes; I. Buist beat J. McGill.

J.L. Boyd semi-final – N. Leslie and D. McHardy beat C. Strachan and R. Murray; G. Robb and B. Criggie beat K. Duncan and I. Jamieson.

Montrose Mercantile Ladies

RESULTS from August 20: SLGA Medal CSS 76 R/O, silver - Jade Anderson (18) 78; bronze - Margaret Fotheringham (29) 79 acb. Broomfield Handicap Cup, round six, CSS 71 R/O - France Milsom (29) 81.

Montrose Caledonia Golf Club

Ladies’ Section

ROUND Robin (Broomfield) – 1, C. Littlewood 29 pts; 2, Sa Young 26pts.

Thistle SIMF Brooch (Broomfield) CSS 69 – 1, S. Frost (35) 67; 2, C.A. Smith (27) 68. Thistle SIMF Brooch (Medal) – 1, C. Macdonald (26) 73; 2, E. Fullarton (17) 79.

Royal Montrose Golf Club

WINNER of the Victory Tankard was Neil R. Munro. Successful in the Charles Graham Memorial Trophy was Johnny Walkden. Saturday, August 25, Class 1 – Neil R. Munro (9) 66; Johnny Walkden (2) 69; Neil Paton (9) 72. Class 2 – John G. Logue (11) 71; George W. Mitchell (17) 74; Alan Crow (14) 76, bih.

CSS for the day was 74.

Ladies’ Section

RESULTS from Thursday, August 23, Medal Course, Jean Johnston Trophy (CSS 76) – S. Harley (20) 74; S. Young (14) 76; E. Cole (19) 77, bih.