Annual Open Week is held at Montrose Links

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Results from the annual Open Week at Montrose Golf Links.

Scratch matchplay, round one - Ross Coull (Edzell) beat James Collier (Mercantile) 19th; Andrew Maiden (Mercantile) beat Gary Tough (Edzell) 21st; Craig Penny (Newbiggin) beat Kenny Dickson (Mercantile) 5/4; Robert West (Mercantile) beat Adam Crum (Cairndhu) 20th; John Duff (Newmachar) beat Iain Reid (Arbroath Artisans) 3/2; Jamie Beedie (Mercantile) beat Shaun McGurk (Yaz Links) 4/3; Gavin Hemsley (Mercantile) beat Fraser Auld (Montrose Caledonia) 4/3; Gregor Stewart (Murcar Links) beat Azzie Paton (Royal Montrose) 4/3.

Semi-finals, played on Friday - Ross Coull (Edzell) beat Craig Penny (Newbiggin), one hole; Gavin Hemsley (Mercantile) beat Jamie Beedie (Mercantile) 25th.

Final - Ross Coull (Edzell) beat Gavin Hemsley (Mercantile) 6/5.

Seniors’ Matchplay, round one - Hans Nissen (Edzell) beat Andy Law (Letham Grange) 4/3; Gordon Milne (Royal Montrose) beat Graham Leslie (Mercantile) 4/3; Vince Stewart (Mercantile) beat Nicky Barr (Falkirk) one hole; Barry Coull (Mercantile) beat Allan Shepherd (Mercantile) 3/2; John Storey (Dunnerholme) beat James Grant (Royal Montrose) 22nd; John Young (Royal Montrose) beat David Anderson (Panmure) 3/2; Willie Pearson (Sheddens L/Hill) beat Eric Innes (Alford) 6/5; George McCallum (Mercantile) beat Sandy Brand (Mercantile), one hole.

Round two - Gordon Milne (Royal Montrose) beat Hans Nissen (Edzell), one hole; Vince Stewart (Montrose Mercantile) beat Barry Coull (Mercantile) 2/1; John Young (Royal Montrose) beat John Storey (Dunnerholme) 2/1; Willie Pearson (Sheddens L/Hill) beat George McCallum (Montrose Mercantile) one hole.

Semi-final results - Gordon Milne (Royal Montrose) beat Vince Stewart (Montrose Mercantile), one hole; John Young (Royal Montrose) beat Willie Pearson (Sheddens L/Hill) 4/3.

Final - John Young (Royal Montrose) beat Gordon Milne (Royal Montrose) beat 3/2.

Up to 11 handicap, round one - Paul Davis (Falkirk) beat Tony Davidson (Dunwhinny) 2/1; Graham Clark (Duns) lost to Findlay Soutar (Mercantile) 21st; Kevin Milne (Mercantile) beat Andrew Speirs (Brechin) 6/5; Michael Welch (Balmore) lost to Craig Carnegie (Kemnay) 2/1; Gaetan Dillon (Kemnay) lost to Colin Frew (Royal Montrose) one hole; Bill Dryden (Mercantile) beat Craig Strachan (Mercantile) 6/4; Ron LeClair (Royal Montrose) lost to Richard Craig (Merchants of Edinburgh) 2/1; Alistair Robertson (Mont.Caledonia) lost to Kevin Smith (Edzell) 2/1; Cameron Carnegie (Kemnay) beat Ian MacGregor (Caledonian Aberdeen) 9/7; Nicky Williamson (Letham Grange) beat Tam McKay (Mercantile) 4/3; Finlay Harcus (Mont. Caledonia) lost to Julian Hood (Carnoustie) 4/3; Hugh Riddell (Kemnay) beat Jim Robertson (Mercantile) 5/4; Mark Robertson (Peterhead) lost to Darren McLean (Royal Montrose) 5/3; Kevin Craig (Mercantile) lost to Joe McGill (Mercantile) 5/4; Derek Reid (Forfar) beat Neil Smith (Mercantile) 4/2; Stephen McGill (Mercantile) lost to Mike Maguire (Royal Montrose) 6/5.

Round two - Paul Davis (Falkirk) beat Findlay Soutar (Mercantile) one up; Craig Carnegie (Kemnay) beat Kevin Milne (Mercantile) 4/2; Bill Dryden (Mercantile) beat Colin Frew (Royal Montrose) 4/2; Richard Craig (Merchants of Edinburgh) beat Kevin Smith (Edzell) 4/3; Cameron Carnegie (Kemnay) beat Nicky Williamson (Letham Grange) 2/1; Hugh Riddell (Kemnay) beat Julian Hood (Carnoustie) 2/1; Darren McLean (Royal Montrose) beat Joe McGill (Mercantile) 2/1; Derek Reid (Forfar) beat Mike Maguire (Royal Montrose) 21st.

Round three - Paul Davis (Falkirk) beat Craig Carnegie (Kemnay) 22nd; Bill Dryden (Mercantile) beat Richard Craig (Merchants of Edinburgh) 21st; Cameron Carnegie (Kemnay) beat Hugh Riddell (Kemnay) two holes; Derek Reid (Forfar) beat Darren McLean (Royal Montrose) 20th.

Semi-finals, played Friday - Paul Davis (Falkirk) beat Bill Dryden (Mercantile) 3/2; Cameron Carnegie (Kemnay) beat Derek Reid (Forfar) 3/2.

Final - Paul Davis (Falkirk) beat Cameron Carnegie (Kemnay) one hole.

12 - 24 handicap section, round one - Kieran Scappaticci (Mercantile) beat Scott Robertson (Mercantile) 20th; Craig Connelly (Sheddens Lethamhill) lost to Ryan Spark (Mercantile) 3/2; Jeff Crum (Cairndhu) beat Kevin Kane (Sheddens Lethamhill) 3/2; Nathan Low (Royal Montrose) lost to Chris Innes (Newmachar) 21st; Alex Mason (Brechin) beat Corry Marshall (Mercantile) 3/1; Jim Dickson (Mercantile) beat Arthur Forsyth (Royal Montrose) 22nd; Brian Leask (Edzell) lost to Derek Hinshelwood (Brechin) 20th; Robert Wishart (Mercantile) lost to Andrew Littlewood (Mont. Caledonia) 4/2; Gary Low (Montrose Caledonia) beat Michael McGuinness (Sheddens L/Hill) one hole; Ian Hamilton (Edzell) beat Garry Marr (Mercantile) 18th; Steven Gordon (Mercantile) beat Gianfranco Protano (Royal Montrose) 2/1; Stewart Melrose (Mercantile) lost to Brian McKay (Mercantile) 22nd; Steven Bruce (Balbirnie Park) beat Harris Porter (Royal Montrose) 6/5; Bill Haddick (Mercantile) lost to Aiden Spark (Mercantile) 5/3; Martin Coull (Mercantile) beat Billy Strachan (Royal Montrose) 4/3; Ben Bannerman (Murrayshall) beat Andrew Mann (Brechin) 4/3.

Round two, Thursday, July 24 - Kieran Scappaticci (Montrose Mercantile) beat Ryan Spark (Mercantile) 18th; Chris Innes (Newmacher) beat Jeff Crum (Cairndhu) 5/4;

Jim Dickson (Montrose Mercantile) beat Alex Mason (Brechin) 7/6; Andrew Littlewood (Montrose Caledonia) beat Derek Hinshelwood (Brechin) 3/2; Ian Hamilton (Edzell) beat Gary Low (Montrose Caledonia) 3/2; B McKay (Montrose Mercantile) beat Steven Gordon (Montrose Mercantile), one hole; Aiden Spark (Montrose Mercantile) beat Steven Bruce (Balbirnie Park) 3/2; Ben Bannerman (Murrayshall) beat Martin Coull (Montrose Mercantile) 3/2.

Round three - Kieran Scappaticci (Montrose Mercantile) beat Chris Innes (Newmacher) 2/1; Andrew Littlewood (Montrose Caledonia) beat Jim Dickson (Montrose Mercantile) 3/2; Ian Hamilton (Edzell) beat Brian McKay (Montrose Mercantile) 3/2; Aiden Spark (Montrose Mercantile) beat Ben Bannerman (Murrayshall) 5/3.

Semi-finals - Andrew Littlewood (Montrose Caledonia) beat Kieran Scappaticci (Montrose Mercantile) 3/2; Aiden Spark (Montrose Mercantile) beat Ian Hamilton (Edzell), two holes.

Final - Aiden Spark (Montrose Mercantile) beat Andrew Littlewood (Montrose Caledonia) 3/2.

Veterans’ matchplay, round one - Ron Cameron (Montrose Mercantile) beat Joe Hurst (Montrose Mercantile) 3/2; Ian McIntyre (Montrose Mercantile) lost to Jim Riddell (Montrose Mercantile) 22nd; George Coull (Royal Montrose) lost to James Sim (Cawder) 5/4; Derek Cruickshanks (Montrose Mercantile) beat David Bridges (Royal Montrose) 2/1.

Semi-finals - Jim Riddell (Montrose Mercantile) beat Ron Cameron (Montrose Mercantile) 3/2; Derek Cruickshanks (Montrose Mercantile) beat James Sim (Cawder) 4/3.

Final - Derek Cruickshanks (Montrose Mercantile) beat Jim Riddell (Montrose Mercantile) 5/4.

Cameron Cup, Leading gross scores - Joe Black, Kirriemuir, 72; Rhys Bailey, Montrose Caledonia, 75; Michael Paton, Montrose Caledonia, 76.

Leading net scores - Joe Black, Kirriemuir, 72 (16) 56; Guy Salmond, Montrose Caledonia, 93 (35) 58; Adam Black, Forfar, 85 (24) 61.

Round one - Robbie Duffy (Crowwood) beat Adam Black (Forfar) 6/5; Joe Black (Kirriemuir) and Rhys Bailey (Montrose Caledonia) received a bye to the semi-final.

Semi-finals - Joe Black (Kirriemuir) beat Michael Paton (Montrose Caledonia) one hole; Rhys Bailey (Montrose Caledonia) beat Robbie Duffy (Crowwood) 5/3.

Final - Rhys Bailey (Montrose Caledonia) beat Joe Black (Kirriemuir) 5/3.

Cameron Shield, round one - Michael Falconer (Montrose Caledonia) beat Scott Kidd (Forfar) 3/2; Guy Salmond (Montrose Caledonia), Logan Petrie (Royal Montrose) and Fraser Nicoll (Royal Montrose) received a bye to the semi-final.

Semi-finals - Michael Falconer (Montrose Caledonia) beat Guy Salmond (Montrose Caledonia) one hole; Fraser Nicoll (Royal Montrose) beat Logan Petrie (Royal Montrose) one hole.

Final - Michael Falconer (Montrose Caledonia) beat Fraser Nicoll (Royal Montrose) 20th

Alan Crow Quaich, CSS 72, Medal Course - 1, Stuart Benson (Cawder) 40 pts; 2, Ewan Wheat (Royal Montrose) 38 pts BI6; 3, Doug Pirie (Montrose Mercantile) 38 pts.

Veterans’ consolation, Broomfield Course, CSS 63 - 1, Alan Crow (Royal Montrose) 75 (17) 58; 2, Roger Dally (El Sokhna) 80 (18) 62.

Ladies’ Open Day, CSS 74 scratch - 1, Gillian Monteth (Royal Montrose) 75; 2, Kathleen Sutherland (Royal Montrose) 79.

Handicap: Silver - 1, Angela Crabb (Letham Grange) 79 (8) 71; 2, Fiona Anderson (Montrose Mercantile) 89 (17) 72; 3, Janet Henderson (Royal Montrose) 84 (11) 73 bih; 4, Lynne Tough (Newmacher) 82 (9) 73.

Bronze - 1, Anne Reoch (Montrose Mercantile) 102 (28) 74; 2, Cathy Beattie (Arbroath Artisans) 97 (22) 75; 3, Anne Speirs (Dunkeld and Birnam) 99 (21) 78; 4, Joan Hulse (Montrose Mercantile) 105 (25) 80 bih.

Winner of George and Ethel Norrie Trophy, best scratch - Miss Gillian Monteith (Royal Montrose).

Nicoll Trophy, best handicap - Mrs Angela Crabb (Letham Grange).

Royal Montrose Ladies

Broomfield Course Invitational Texas Scramble, Thursday, July 24 - 1, J McIntyre, L Coull, D Gordon (3.7) – 58.3; 2, F Anderson, L Pert, J Anderson (4.5) – 58.5.