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ALL THE latest results from action over Montrose Golf Links.

Club returns

Caledonia Ladies

Results from June 19, Lady Trophy, first round, Medal, CSS 75 - 1, C. Littlewood (26) 76; 2, Sh. Young (13) 79.

Lady Trophy, first round, Broomfield, CSS 68 - 1, L. Paton (23) 73; 2, C.A. Smith (27) 74.

Mercantile Ladies

Captain’s Prize, June 18, Pro-Am Qualifier, Medal Course, CSS 76 RO - Fiona Anderson (17) 77.

Broomfield Course, CSS 71, RO - J. Gordon (20) 76.

Mercantile Matchplay

G. Lloyd, third round - G Robb beat D McHardy; K Craig beat K Slesser; A. Boyd beat P Roberts; K Duncan beat I Buist; S McGill beat A Robb; A Cunningham beat J McGill; R watt W/O; J Hall W/O.

Adelaide, third round - ME Taylor beat I Watson; HJ Wilkie beat T Murray; AW Findlater beat G Paterson; J O’Hara beat J Hurst.

WW Stott, second round - J Collier and N Faulkner beat FJ Murray and A Robb; G Annat and D McHardy beat R West and T Murray; H Gibson and BS Henderson beat S and G Spark; G Marr and N Leslie beat A McNab and J Lloyd; S and B Barclay beat R Wink and A Shephard; G Leslie and GJ Young beat ME Taylor and G Miller; G Robb and J O’Donnell beat G Hemsley and D Milne; J and S McGill beat D Begg and J Wales.

DJ Wood, second round - A Shepard beat B McKay; RW West beat W McKenzie; ME Taylor beat S Davies; D McHardy beat P Roberts; A Findlater beat J O’Hara; G Annat beat G Leslie; FJ Murray beat B Coull; A Cunningham beat M Wink.

Coronation Cup first round - GJ Young beat J Robertson; W Henderson beat A McNab; S McGill beat GW Robb; J Collier beat G Annat; H Gibson beat K Duncan; F Soutar beat NA Smith; N Leslie W/O; J Beedie beat D Begg.

Simpson Trophy, first round - C Laing beat D McCallum; J Tasker beat B Barclay; G Stephen beat ME Taylor; JVA Stewart beat I Kay; A Brown beat A Mowatt; A Moncur beat J McGill; BS Henderson beat S Brand.

Handicap Cup, third round - N McQuistan beat D McHardy; M Graham beat J McGill; S McGill beat HJ Wilkie; R Lewis beat D Begg; G Christie beat M Coull; G Stephen beat S Barclay; B McKay beat G McQuistan; A Robb beat JW Dempsey.

JL Boyd, third round - B Haddick and R Watt W/O; C Strachan and R Murray beat J and S McGill; N Leslie and D McHardy beat ME Taylor and G Miller; T Murray and C Doan beat R Wink and GJ Young; K Duncan and I Jamieson beat JW Dempsey and P Roberts; J Spark and I Cutler beat G Annat and A Shepard; K Craig and W Dryden beat J O’Donnell and RW West; G Robb and B Criggie beat K Milne and R Wilkie.

Montrose Golf Links

Inter-club Challenge: Best ladies’ score with 33 points – Carol Littlewood (Montrose Caledonia); Best junior score with 37 points – Findlay Harcus (Montrose Caledonia); Best seniors men’s score with 32 points – Robert Burness (Montrose Caledonia); Best men’s score with 37 points – Ronan Valentine (Royal Montrose)

Montrose Golf Links Inter-club Shield – 1, Montrose Caledonia 142; 2, Royal Montrose 132; 3, Montrose Mercantile 124.

Royal Montrose Golf Club

Winner of the Stableford Cup on Saturday, June 23, was John Rome. Class 1 – John Rome (9) 37pts; Graham Hemsley (7) 34pts; Ross Coull (-4) 33pts, bih. Class 2 – Arthur Forsyth (15) 34pts; John A. Scott (14) 31pts, bih; Roger W. Angood (17) 31pts.

Winners of the Stableford Shield were John Rome/Jamie Pert with 65pts.

CSS for the day was 75.

Links results

Wednesday monthly medal, June 20, CSS 75 - 1, B. Dryden (MM) (8) 70; 2, I, Welsh (MC) (1) 72 bih; 3, K. McIntosh (MC) (12) 72 bih.

Dick Taylor had a hole in one whilst particpating in the Monthly Medal at the 12th hole.

Wednesday Seniors Monthly Medal, CSS 72 RO - 1, M. Beaton (MM) (12) 76

Links draws

Links Championship, second round - GJ Young (MM) v G Hemsley (MM); J Strachan (RM) v J Collier (MM); R Coull (RM) v D McLean (RM); N Leslie (MM) v G Annat (MM). To be played by July 16.

Duncan Rosebowl, second round - F Kenny (MCL)v S Young (RML); M Barlow (MML) v E Fullarton (MCL); S Harley (RML) v E Wallwork (MML); C Littlewood (MCL) v F Anderson (MML). To be played by July 16.

Cockerill Cup, second round - K McLeod (MM) v S Gordon (MM); E Wheat (RM) v M Paton (MC); R Bailey (MC) v K Donald (MC); F Harcus (MC) v J Beedie (MM). To be played by July 16.

George Lloyd, second round - P McGuone w/o; B Henderson (MM) v T Cole (RM); R Angood (RM) v A R Crow (RM); JA Grant (RM) v M Taylor (MM). To be played by July 16.

Charles Webster , second round - D McHardy (MM) v J King (MM); N Paton (RM) v J Sharp (RM); R Burness Jn (MC) v F Soutar (MM); I Kay (MM) v A Shepherd (MM); B McKay (MM) v J Littlewood (MC); J Tasker (MC) v A Mitchell (RM); A Reoch w/o; J C MacLean v A Paton (RM). To be played by July 2.