Cause to rejoice as tennis teams are promoted

THE FINAL week of the regular league season was a good one for Montrose Tennis Club as the ladies’ second team won the Tayside Sixth Division and the men’s second team gained promotion, joining three other club teams in going up.

While the ladies’ second team finally dropped a point, in a 9-9 draw at Craigmuir in Dundee, they finished on 19 points out of 20 and topped the tables comfortably.

The pairs against Craigmuir were Wendy Sanger and Janet Thomson, Jennifer Broadley and Corinna Gow, and Carol Medlock and Christina Greenaway.

The team closed out the season with an 18-0 home defeat of Wormit and Newport 3, as the pairs of Wendy Sanger and Diane Forbes, Janet Thomson and Corinna Gow, and Jennifer Broadley and Dawn Bradley won all their sets.

The captain, Diane Forbes, said winning the championship was: “A great achievement from what started out as a group of mums wanting to learn how to play tennis! Three years on and we made it to the top of our division.”

The men’s second team went from fourth in the table to second in less than a week as they turned in two convincing away wins and won promotion to the Fourth Division. They beat Wormit 2, their main rivals for promotion, 12-4 and then St Andrews 3 by 16-2. Against Wormit, the first pair of Donald Watson and Chad Neighbor won five sets out of five, with one unfinished. The second pair of Chris Hardy and John Stevenson won three sets and the third pair of David McArthur and Fraser McGlynn won four sets out of five, with one unfinished.

At St Andrews, the first pair of John Stevenson and Chad Neighbor won all six sets, although three were close. The third pair of Graeme Newton and Greg Inglis won five sets out of six, as did the third pair of David McArthur and Alister Sievewright. The team then improved to 5-2 as Craigmuir 2, out of the promotion race, conceded the last match of the season.

The men’s first team finished strongly with an 11-7 win over Falkland and a rare 18-0 away win, against West End 2. None of the Montrose pairs beat Falkland’s first pair, which included highly ranked junior Russell Graham, but the first pair of Andy Moffat and Richie Wallace won their other sets, as did the second pair of Graeme Walker and Fraser Ramseyer. The third pair of Nick Whitecross and Murray Pert won three sets.

Against West End, the pairings of Graeme Walker and Scott Lorimer, Chris Hardy and Andy Moffat, and Nick Whitecross and Donald Watson had only a few close sets. The team ended up 9-1 and will finish runners-up in the Second Division on set difference unless West End 1, also with just one loss, stumble at the end of the season. They will play in the First Division next year regardless.

The men’s third team finished its first season strongly, with an away win over Glenfarg 2. The first pair of Cameron Eeles and Alan Sykes won five sets, the second pair of Ally Hogg and Andy Baxter won three, while the third pair of Jamie Shakespeare and Graeme Ramsay won four.

The week before the side again lost to division leaders Craigie, who fielded three coaches, by 13-5. The first pair of Andy Baxter and Graeme Newton won three sets. The third pair of Alister Sievewright and Alan Sykes won two, but the third pair of Jamie Pert and Niall McQuistan did not pull out a set. The side had already won promotion to the sixth division.

Captain Andy Baxter said: “After starting with the simple hope of just fulfilling the fixtures and giving some of the club’s promising youngsters league experience, the side has not only fully fulfilled all its matches, but the team has proved to be extremely competitive through the season based around a core of regular players.”

Unfortunately the ladies’ first team has not shared in the good fortune and, despite a last week walkover, will drop to the third division unless fourth-place Kinross fail to beat last-place David Lloyd.