Enjoyable tied match at Banff

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The annual golf match between Royal Montrose Golf Club and Duff House Royal Golf Club ended in a commendable draw on Sunday afternoon with the teams tied at 6-6.

The match between the two Clubs commenced in 2010 to commemorate the Bi-centenary of Royal Montrose Golf Club and the Centenary of Duff House Royal Golf Club and was held at the beautifully manicured course in Banff.

Brian Ritchie, past Captain of Royal Montrose and Team Captain for the day, in his vote of thanks commented: “Once again we have had a fantastic day out in Banff, renewing our friendship with members from Duff House Royal Golf Club.

“In particular I would like to thank Duff House Royal Captain Brian Sutherland and the members for their outstanding hospitality”.

The match was keenly contested, and Brian Ritchie praised the spirit in which the match was played. “Both teams can take great credit for their efforts and in making the annual event once again, an outstanding success”.

Duff House Royal Captain, Brian Sutherland responding stated: “All the members of Duff House Royal look forward to this annual event and we want to see it continue in the many years to come. There has been a long association between both Clubs and we look forward to our visit to Royal Montrose Golf Club next year when we can build on the friendship that has been established between both of these outstanding Clubs”.

Full Results (Winning teams first)

B. Sutherland & J.W. Robertson (DHR) v B. Ritchie & S. Paton (RM) 2up

J. Grant & D. Duthie (RM) v G. Fitzpatrick & G. Wiseman (DHR) 5&4

I Harley & I. Gall (RM) v S. Anderson & A. Masson (DHR) 1 up

J. MacLean & R. Leclair (RM) v G. West & R. Gallon (DHR) 1 up

C. Gordon & A. Henderson (DHR) v D. Sutherland & M. Stewart (RM) 3&2

W. Henderson & G. Winton (DHR) v N. Munro & D. Munro (RM) 3&2

B. McKay & G. Shepard (RM) v G. Moir & A.F. Stewart (DHR) 2&1

M. Villis & T. Williams (RM) v G. Law & B. Fleming (DHR) 1 up

A. Inglis & M. McAuslin (DHR) v R. Angood & D. Moss (RM) 1 up

M. Watters & D. May (RM) v B. Evans & N. Wilson (DHR) 1up

A. Rennie & R. Cumming (DHR) v G. Skinner & B. Yacamini (RM) 3&2

B. Milne & A. Innes (DHR) v A Forsyth & J. Forsyth (RM) 4&3.


The teams in front of the clubhouse at Duff House Royal, Banff.