Golf news from the Links and from the States!

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WE BEGIN this week’s golf round-up by correcting an error in last week’s issue.

Although the picture and caption of Ross Coull’s thrilling victory in the Royal Montrose Club Championship were correct, gremlins crept into the headline and the title was attributed to the runner-up.

Our apologies to Ross.

Local golf returns and match-play results follows:

Montrose Links

LINKS Championship, first round results: F. Auld (MC) wo I. Gall (RM); C. Frew (RM) beat 2 and 1 K. Smith (MM); A. Lamont (MM) beat 2 and 1 A. Riddell (MM) I. Stuart (RM) beat 3 and 2 M. Garnes (RM); J. Strachan (RM) lost 2 and 1 to W. Henderson (MM); M. Soutar (MM) lost 2 and 1 to N. Leslie (MM); G. Annat (MM) lost 2 holes to D. McLean (RM); J. Pert (RM) lost 8 and 7 to R. Coull (RM).

Draw for round two: F. Auld (MC) v C. Frew (RM); A. Lamont (MM) v I. Stuart (RM); W. Henderson (MM) v N. Leslie (MM); D. McLean (RM) v R. Coull (RM).

George Lloyd Trophy, second round draw: W. McKenzie (MM) v J. Lloyd (MM); A. Fotheringham (MM) v M. Taylor (MM); S. Brand (MM) v A. Crow (RM); H. Gibson (MM) v S. Davis (MM).

Second round ties are to be played by July 17.

Duncan Rosebowl first round results are as follows: S. Harley (RML) lost 1 hole to S. Robb (RML); F. Anderson (MML) won 6 and 5 J. Gordon (MML); M. Barlow (MML) won 4 and 3 L. Forsyth (MCL); J. Crow (RML) lost to C. Littlewood (MCL); E. Fullerton (MCL) won 4 and 2 J. Henderson (RML); E. Wallwork (MML) won 3 and 1 M. Stewart (MML); T. Cresdee (RML) lost 2 and 1 to C. MacGowan (RML); M. Boyd (RML) won 2 and 1 E. McGurk (RML).

The draw for the second round of the Duncan Rosebowl is: S. Robb (RML) v F. Anderson (MML); M. Barlow (MML) v C. Littlewood (MCL); E. Fullerton (MCL) v E. Wallwork (MML); C. MacGowan (RML) v M. Boyd (RML).

The second round is to be played by July 17.

Mercantile Ladies

SUMMER two-ball foursomes, June 27: T. Dye and B. Hope (23) 77.

Caledonia Ladies

THE CAPTAIN’S Putter competition played on June 28 over the Broomfield Course (NFH), resulted: 1, C. Smith (29) 63; 2, S. Reid 64 (20).

Royal Montrose Ladies

June 30: Medal Course (CSS 74,) SIMF Brooch - 1, S. Young (16) 71; 2, M. Boyd (15) 73; 3, A. Alston (7) 74; 4, G. Keir (28) 74.

Montrose Mercantile

MATCHPLAY updates are as follows.

Mansewood, third round: C. Coull and S. Low beat D. Coull and B. Criggie; A. Robb and F. Murray beat A. Findlater and M. Wink; W. Dryden and K. Craig beat P. Davidson and A. Maiden; S. Davis and W. McKenzie beat G. Coull and G. Young; R. and D. Begg beat M. Graham and D. Scott; K. Milne and J. Wales beat J. Lloyd and D. Duncan; A. Shepherd and R. Wink beat K. Slesser and I. Buist; M. Taylor and G. Miller beat G.J. Young and A. Riddell; J. and S. McGill beat S. Biggs and A. Stallard; P. Barlow and M. Smith beat M. Gove and D. McCallum; G. Annat and N. Leslie beat A. Stephen and B. Smith; C. Masson and C. Lang beat B. Coull and K. Milne; S. Thornton and W. Massie beat K. Smith and M. Young; G. Leslie and I. Geddes beat J. Greig and J. Dickson; G. and A. Hemsley beat M. Coull and E. Collier; K. Duncan and I. Jamieson beat A. Forthingham and A. Brown.

W.W. Stott, fourth round: G. Robb and J. O’Donnell beat M. Graham and D. Scott; J. and S. McGill beat G. Leslie and G. Annat; K. Milne and D. Gordon beat S. Davis and W. Beattie; W. Dryden and K. Craig beat A. Findlater and M. Wink; L. Geddes and S. Fullarton beat I. Kay and D. Duncan; S. Mart and J. Collier beat B. Coull and K. Milne; K. Smith and M. Young beat H. Gibson and B.S. Henderson; A. Riddell and D. McHardy beat K. and G. Stephen.

D.J. Wood, third round: M. Wink beat J.K. Lloyd; S. Davis beat M. Beaton; M.E. Taylor beat W. McKenzie; J. Hurst beat R. West.

G Lloyd, third round: M. Wink beat J. McGill; M. Gove beat A. Cunningham; S. Biggs beat K. Craig; K. Duncan beat A. McDonald.

W.W. Fraser, second round: M. Gove beat K. Milne; S. Barclay beat K. Craig; W. Dryden beat A. McDonald; K. Duncan beat M. Graham; E. Collier beat A. Brown; S. Smart beat M. Smith; J. O’Hara beat D. Muir; P. Davidson beat G. Stark; S. McGill beat P. Barlow; I. Buist beat J. Wales; D. Begg beat A. Hemsley; F.J. Murray beat J. McGill; S. Biggs beat A. Robb; I. Kay beat K. Slesser.

Royal Montrose

WINNER of The Graeme Paton Memorial Cup on Saturday was Arthur Forsyth: Class 1 – 1, Graham Hemsley (6) 67; 2, Andrew Simpson (4) 68, bih; 3, Rae Strachan (6) 68. Class 2 – 1, Arthur Forsyth (17) 64; 2, David M Thompson (11) 68; 3, John Richardson, jnr., (11) 69. CSS for the day was 72.

A pair of aces: Playing in the Royal Montrose Johnston Trophy competition Neil Paton scored a hole-in-one at the par three 150-yard third hole with a six-iron. His playing partner was Steve Hutchison.

And in the Royal Montrose Vs Royal Musselburgh competition Derek Bruce scored a hole-in-one at the par 3,225 yard 16th hole with a driver. His playing partners were Ian Sykes, John Gilmore and George Hunter.