Hope Paton and Town Hall Bowling Clubs

Hope Paton

Hope Paton Bowling Club held its final week’s bowling with Stuart Hale winning the Andy Melrose Cup by defeating Willie Pirie in the final.

It was an excellent game with a high standard of bowling from two of the club’s top players.

Winners of the Veteran Mixed Pairs were Dave Duncan and Jean Noble, with a 17-9 win over Sandy Reid and Liz Pirie.

That concludes the finals in a good season for the club, especially being blessed with good weather for all the one-day round-robin games.

Twenty-eight members played in the final game, with the Gents defeating the Ladies.

The club’s bingo sessions on Tuesdays and Fridays continue over the winter.

Town Hall Bowling

Montrose Town Hall Bowling Club started its 23rd season on Sunday with a full house.

The winning rink comprised Jim Paterson, skip; Margaret Coull, Rosemary Fairweather and Brian Sanderson, 28 shots up.

The prize for the brightest top went to Doreen Melvin, with Roseann McLean second.

With no bowling tonight (Wednesday), the next session is on Sunday with bounce games at 2 p.m., followed by Monday at 10 a.m., also with bounce games.