Ian is 180 Cup winner

AFTER a night with some great darts thrown at the Vaults, the winner of the 180 Cup was Ian McLean with Andy Stott as runner up.

The results from Monday, April 18, were as follows: fast legs - 15 darts, I. McLean, A Stott; 16 darts, I. McPherson; 17 darts, W. Burness, P. Rae, A. Stott.

Checkouts - 132, W. Burness; 116, I. McLean, A. Stott; 110, A. Third; 107, B. Baker; 106, J. Maclean; 100, W. Burness.

180s - D. Robertson, S. Baker, W. Burness, M. Burr, P. Rae, I. McLean.