Juniors show skill in local and national competitions

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The finals of the Scottish Junior Curling Championships have taken place at Curl Aberdeen.

Eight women’s and eight men’s teams competed for the Scottish Championship and the right to represent Scotland at the World Junior Curling Championships in Copenhagen, Denmark from March 5 to 13.

Congratulations go to Angus Dowell, FYC, 2016 Scottish Junior Curling Champions.

And Hailey Duff of FYC is the 2016 Scottish Junior Curling Championships Silver Medallist.


Katie Murray skip, Rebecca Morrison third, with Hailey Duff (FYC) second and Mili Smith, lead (RCA Team) finished the round robin on six wins and one loss to finish the round robin first equal.

In the first v second playoff Team Murray were beaten in a tight game by Team Jackson 3-6. Team Murray dropped into the semi-final against the third placed Team Aitken.

Team Murray had some early scares but got on top in the second half of the semi final against Team Aitken with scores in sixth and eighth end to be 7-5 up going down the last end. Team Murray played some great tick and clearing shots to give Team Aitken very liitle space to hide their last stone - however, skip Karina Aitken put her stone as hidden as she could right on the edge of the house, but Katie Murray played a gentle weight tap takeout to win the game 7-5 to progress to the final.

The Womens’ Final was a rematch of the earlier playoff game, and again it was incredibly tight. The key shot in the game was a hit and roll behind cover by third for Team Jackson Naomi Brown in the ninth end with the scores tied at 5-5. Katie Murray failed to clear the shot and Team Jackson was able to seal two points with a nose hit and move into a 7-5 lead going down the last end. In the 10th end, Team Jackson left it impossible for Team Murray to score the two points they needed with their last stone to take the game to an extra end. Final score was Team Murray 5, Team Jackson 7.

Team Jackson will represent Scotland at the World Junior Curling Championships.

Lesley Young (FYC) (skip) with Beth Dandie third, (FYC) , Louise Joiner (FYC) second, and Jane Barr (FYC) lead, won four and lost three to tie for third place in the eight team round robin. In the third place tie breaker against Team Aitken, Team Young were sitting 4-4 after six ends. However, Team Aitken scored three in the seventh and stole a single in the eighth. Team Young responded with 1 in the ninth and although were lying 3 in the final end. Team Karina Aitken managed to remove one stone from play and Team Young scored two but not the three required to take it to an extra end. Final score Team Young 7, Team Aitken 8. Team Aitken progressed to the semi-final.

Ellie Hamilton (skip), Layla Al Saffar (FYC) third, Katie McMillan second, Nicola Joiner (FYC) Lead won three and lost four in the round robin. It was not enough to reach the knockout stages. However it should be noted that Team Hamilton were the only team to beat the Champions Team Jackson throughout the entire competition. Team Hamilton finished fifth equal overall.


Bruce Mouat (skip), Bobbie Lammie third, Gregor Cannon second, and Angus Dowell (FYC) lead (Performance Team) finshed the seven-game round robin unbeaten on seven wins and no loss. In 1 vs. 2 Paige Playoff, Team Mouat played a well controlled game against the young RCA Team Whyte winning 8-5 and so moved straight to the final. In the final, Team Mouat were up against the dark horses of the event Team McNay from Lockerbie. McNay’s team was possibly the youngest team in the Men’s event and are not part of the academy programme, yet finished above some very experienced funded teams. However the final was effectively over after the first two ends as Team Mouat scored two followed by a steal of two to be 4-0 up. Team McNay got back into the game scoring singles in ends three and five. However a three for Team Mouat put the lead out of reach for Team McNay and handshakes were offered after eight ends with the final score 8-3.

Team Mouat will represent Scotland at the World Junior Curling Championships.

Craig Joiner (FYC) skip with Euan MacDiarmid (FYC) third Ross McCall second, and Craig Paterson (FYC) lead finished on two wins and five losses and failed to reach the knockout stages finishing fifth equal overall.

Grant Barr, skip, Thomas Halder (FYC) third, Kerr Sands second, George McConnell (lead) won none and lost six in the round robin and did not progress to the knockout stages.

Congratulations are due to Team Bruce Mouat and Team Sophie Jackson who will represent Scotland at the World Junior Curling Championships in Denmark.

Forfar Ladies

Forfar Ladies Curling: Pairs, January 20 - Anne Shaw beat Mari Brown 9-0; Mary White beat Moira Adam 4-2; Jean Balfour beat Dorothy Robson 10-6.

Celebration trophy, January 25 - Gillian Duff beat Moira Adam 11-3; Mari Brown beat Irene Millar 10-3; January 27 - Irene Millar beat Moira Adam 12-0; Gillian Duff beat Mari Brown 7-5. February 1 - Gillian Duff beat Irene Millar 7-3; Mari Brown and Moira Adam peeled 7-7.