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The teams from Royal Montrose Golf Club and HMS Montrose Golfing Society.
The teams from Royal Montrose Golf Club and HMS Montrose Golfing Society.

Montrose Mercantile


Results forJune 30: Broomfield – Handicap Cup Round 4 – CSS 70; Winner – Linda Smith (104-33=71); Medal – SLGA Medal; CSS 74; Silver Winner – Lesley Pert (81-12=69); Bronze Winner – Margaret Fotheringham (105-27=78).

Interclub challenge

1, Royal Montrose Golf Club, 140 pts; 2, Montrose Caledonia Golf Club, 136 pts; 3, Montrose Mercantile Golf Club, 132 pts; 2014 Interclub Challenge Shield winner, Royal Montrose Golf Club.

Duncan Rosebowl 2014

Round one: C MacDonald (MCL) bye to Round 2; P Sutherland (RML) lost 2 up B Watson (RML); C Smith (MCL) lost 1 up B Cole (RML); L Pert (MML) won 1 up H Howatson (RML); C Littlewood (MCL) won 8/7 A Reoch (MML); R Stewart (MML) lost 1 up E McGurk (RML); S Reid (MCL) won 1 up F Anderson (MML); M Li (MML) lost 5/4 E Fullarton (MML).

Draw for round two to be played on Sunday (July 13): C MacDonald (MCL) V B Watson (RML); B Cole (RML) V L Pert (MML); C Littlewood (MCL) V E McGurk (RML); S Reid (MCL) V E Fullarton (MML).

Charles Webster Trophy

Round two: J Lownie (MM) lost 3/2 to K Smith (ED); J Robertson (MM) won 3/2 against G Millar (MM); F Harcus (MC) won 4/3 against J Young Jnr (MM); J McNicoll (MC) lost 2/1 to D Begg (MM); M Coull (MM) won 2/1 against A Mowatt (MM); A Riddell (MM) lost 3/1 to S McGill (MM); I Watson (MM) won 8/6 against N Galloway (MM); I Kay (MM) won 3/2 against B Dryden (MM).

Draw for round three on July 20: K Smith (ED) v J Robertson (MM); F Harcus (MC) v D Begg (MM); M Coull (MM) v S McGill (MM); I Watson (MM) v I Kay (MM).

Montrose Open Week

Spaces are still available for The Barr Demolition Limited Montrose Open Week held over the Montrose Medal Course from Monday, July 21 to Friday, July 25. Entry fees £80 non-season ticket holders and £35 season ticket holders. To enter please contact 01674 672932 or e-mail

Ladies’ Open

Spaces are still available for Montrose Golf Links Ladies Open to be held over the Montrose Medal Course on Friday, July 25. The event will be sponsored by Barr Demolition. Entries £15 for non-season ticket holders and £10 for season ticket holders. Please contact 01674 672932 or e-mail

Royal Montrose G.C.

Royal Montrose Golf Club had the privilege of hosting a team from the HMS Montrose Golfing Society to Montrose Links whilst the vessel was visiting her home port.

July Medal: Andrew Maiden, scratch, and Alastair Boyd, handicap. Section 1: Andrew Maiden (2) 69; Brett Williams (3) 70; Brian Ritchie (7) 72. Section: 2 Alastair Boyd (21) 66; David Moss (12) 69bih; John Young (16) 69bih.

Royal Montrose Golf Club hold their Men’s 18 Hole Open this Sunday (July 13). Places are still available and for the Royal Montrose Am-Am on Friday, August 1. Contact Ron on 01674 677720.

Royal Montrose Ladies

Results for Thursday (July 3): Medal Course, SLGA Medal: CSS 74, silver - 1, G Monteith (0)74 (BIH); 2, T Cresdee (19) 74; bronze - 1, C Smith (29) 70; 2, P Sykes (24) 78. Broomfield Course Stone Bracelet, R5 (CSS 71 R/O) - 1, P Benzie (28) 76.

Caley Juniors

Due to bad weather on Friday, the July Bandit Medal was abandoned. Caley Juniors will play this at a later date. This week’s medal competition is the Bandits Captains Prize on Friday. This week’s competition on the Broomfield course is the July Stableford on Saturday. June Black tee eclectic winner – Jamie Struckmeier.