Latest Men’s Darts League results

The latest results from the Montrose and District Men’s Darts League on March 3 were as follows:

Legion 26, Auld Darts Lochside 1; Lochside 12, Anchor Bar 15; Inn Vincibles 9, Black Horse 18; St Cyrus 19, Albert Bar 8; Mercantile 5, @Bar 22; Neptune 20, UHS 7; Vaders 15, Black Abbot 12; Vaults 10, Bravedarts 17.

180s: R Cameron, Legion; R Keith, Legion; A Williams, Bravedarts.

High checkout: F McCurrach, UHS, 102; P Manson, @Bar, 116; C Sandford, Anchor, 101; R French, Lochside, 101; A Third, Vaders. 118.

Fastest legs: A Williams, Bravedarts, 16.

The winners of the Random Pairs were S McIntosh and J Watt, with B Alexander and G Davidson as the runners-up

The outstanding performances were 180, G Davidson; 108 checkout, A Williams; 18 darts,S McIntosh/J Watt.