Legal ruling in favour of Letham Grange liquidator

GOLFERS at Letham Grange Golf Club have welcomed the latest judgement at the Court of Session on the long-running legal case over ownership of the prime Angus leisure facility and hotel.

The appeal Judges ruling in favour of the liquidator, Mathew Henderson, overturning the ruling made by Lord Glennie in 2011. Mathew Henderson was appointed in 2002 as a result of the non-payment of debts by Letham Grange Development Company Ltd, operated by Mr Liu, the sole shareholder.

Following a briefing on Monday evening, for the Golf Club Committee by the club’s legal adviser, the situation is a lot clearer. Although Mr Liu has 90 days to lodge an appeal against this latest Court of Session ruling, the requirement for that appeal to be supported by two senior Legal Counsel would appear remote, based on the emphatic ruling made by the three appeal judges last week.

Assuming no appeal is lodged, the liquidator will then be clear to execute his duties to secure the best outcome for the creditors of Letham Grange Development Company Ltd.

The Golf Club had already secured their third annual licence to operate the Golf Courses at Letham Grange, prior to the club AGM held at the Meadowbank Inn on February 5. This enables the club to continue managing the golfing business through to the end of February next year.

Gardiner Arthur, captain, said it was important to be able to demonstrate to members that they had secured the licence to operate the golf courses for a third year, before the 2013 membership fees became due.

Mr Arthur continued: “Even with the news of this development in the legal case, it is very much business as usual for us in 2013, and I am already encouraged by the number of new members who have joined the club this year.

“Despite being faced with rising costs, we decided to maintain the membership fees at £350 for both the Old and Glens courses and £280 for the Glens Course, the same as we set in 2011 and 2012, as we are confident that word is spreading about what the club has achieved over the last two years, and this will result in an increase in both memberships and visitors throughout 2013.

“After 10 years of uncertainty, once the liquidator concludes his duties, we very much look forward to working with the resort owners, to share the details of the improvements we have made, and also share our experiences with them, all in support of continuing to provide golfers with the challenge of playing golf at Letham Grange for many years to come.”