Links’ world event


MONTROSE Links was selected as one of the courses for the 2012 World Left-handed Golf Tournament, organised by the British Left-handed Golfers’ Association.

The event was held at various times between Monday and Friday, and also on Monifieth Medal, Panmure and Scotscraig.

It attracted more than 240 left-handed golfers, with family and friends, from many countries including China, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Germany and USA.

Accompanying partners and relatives were given the opportunity to partake in a right-handed golf event at Downfield and Carnoustie Burnside golf courses.

One of the competitors, Jan Johansson, Sweden, told the Review that he was proud of the fact that he was teeing off with the same ball as he had used in his previous two rounds of golf.

Another, Leigh Greening, Melbourne, explained that the left-handed golfers are like a big family, meeting up for their championships all over the world. The next venues will be Turkey, South Africa, Germany and Melbourne.

David May, chairman of the 450 Group said: “As chairman of the 450 group I have been along to speak to some of the competitors and for many of them this week is their first experience of Scottish Links golf. It is clear from listening to their comments that they are certainly enjoying their time in the Carnoustie Country area. As we have been celebrating our 450th year we are delighted to welcome golfers from all over the world and we are particularly pleased our course was chosen for such a prestigious event.”

He added that all the competitors are being given leaflets and vouchers for the Montrose Links, to encourage then to return.

He concluded: “This is of great benefit to the course and the community, with competitors and their families spending money on the course, the pro’s shop, the host club Royal Montrose, and the county in general.”