Mighty Melvins take Hope Paton bowling title

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THIS year’s final of the Hope Paton Holiday Fours went ahead on Friday evening at the home green despite the threat of cancellation of the event earlier in the week.

A few days earlier it looked like the annual tournament would have to be cancelled for the first time since the Second World War due to seagulls roosting on the green.

However, a great thanks must go to the Inch Bowling Club who came to the rescue of the event. They offered the use of their green for the early rounds which gave the committee time to come up with a rescue plan to have the final stages back at the Hope Paton green.

Having tried, unsuccessfully, a fleece covering at the cost of £200, balloons and windmills, the last straw was to lift everything, cut the green and play the final on Friday night.

Thankfully, it took place as planned and was well supported by a crowd of about 80 fellow bowlers from the other clubs in the town and other people who normally support the event.

Sadly, due to recent events the playing surface was not at its best. Only one side was able to produce something like their usual form and it resulted in a one-sided affair with The Mighty Melvins from Montrose Bowling Club lifting this year’s trophy. They gained a comfortable win over their opponents from the Melville Bowling Club.

The tournament will not be remembered so much this year for the quality of bowling but rather for the year that the gulls came to roost.

Despite the disruption by our feathered friends, the competition survived. The club is already planning how they can avoid a repeat of the threat of gulls roosting again next season.

Results of the early games were as follows:

First round: D. Baillie beat G. Norrie; A. Kirkaldy beat B. Brandie; The Black Abbot beat A. Rushmere; J. Hogg beat H. Coull; S. West beat A. Warden; M. Murray beat G. Henderson; T. Easton beat The Golden Girls; A. Wood beat F. Gunn; S.L. Hale beat G. Fowler; The Mighty Melvins beat Artie’s Army; H. Dunn beat W. Whyte.

Second round: D. Baillie beat A. Kirkaldy; The Black Abbot beat J. Hogg; S. West beat M. Murray; T. Easton beat A. Wood; Mighty Melvins beat S.L. Hale; J. Donald beat H. Dunn; 3 BV beat The Happy Loons; R. Blacklaws beat G. Barclay.

Third round: The Black Abbot beat D. Baillie; S. West beat T. Easton; The Mighty Melvins beat J. Donald; 3BV beat R. Blacklaws.

Semi-finals: S. West beat The Black Abbot and The Mighty Melvins beat 3BV.

The club has expressed thanks to sponsors Pandi’s Restaurant, Glaxo Smith Kline and Emslie Collier.

They also thanked the members of The Inch Bowling Club, especially Arlene, Dennis and Willie, and all the ladies in the kitchen from the Hopey who supplied the food and refreshments.