Montrose is ready to rumble at WrestleZone

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Wrestling fans in Angus are in for a treat in February as athletes from WrestleZone get ready to rumble in Montrose.

The annual night of family-friendly action takes place on Saturday, February 11 at the Town Hall and will see some of the top grapplers in Scotland engage in body-slamming combat.

Top grapplers such as Zach Dynamite, Aspen Faith and Shawn Johnson are on a stacked bill that will be headlined by a Undisputed Championship bout; current champion Andy Wild defends the title against ‘Red-Haired Warrior’ Scotty Swift in an eagerly anticipated rematch.

Wild has been on an unstoppable streak since winning the championship from Swift last October and is looking forward to battling his great rival again.

The Englishman said: “Scotty Swift’s time as champion is over and the fans need to accept that.

“Last year was all about my rise in WrestleZone and winning the championship was the culmination of a lot of hard work that I don’t think has been fully recognised.

“That doesn’t matter; everyone will soon learn that I am the dominant wrestler here and I’m not ready to let go of the Undisputed Championship.

“Scotty Swift will need to bring his best in Montrose, but I’m confident that his nest just won’t be good enough.”

The championship tussle will headline an amped night of action, but for challenger Scotty Swift the return to Montrose requires all his attention.

“He said: “Andy Wild has so far managed to keep the Undisputed Championship around his waist, but the nature of his victories have been controversial.

“On his day, Wild is one of the best in the UK and I fully understand the challenge that is ahead of me, but I am up for it as I feel I’m ready to take back the Undisputed title. In Montrose, it’s game on.”

The headline event will be the first time in years that the championship has been defended in Montrose.

WrestleZone host Martyn Clunes added: “The main event promises fans a great night and I’m sure both champion and challenger will be doing their best to win.

“Montrose is one of the top dates on the calendar and we hope fans are ready.”