Montrose ladies’ win championship

The ladies’ second team at Montrose Tennis Club won the division four championship last week after beating St Andrew’s 3 by 14-4.

Like their nearest rivals, Perth 1, they were 9-1 in matches but were comfortable ahead in percentage of sets won.

The first pair of Rhona Alston and Diane Forbes won three sets, while the second couple of Barbara Watson and Janet Thomson won six. The third couple, Freya Milne and Kirsty Robertson, won five.

The ladies’ first team ended a trying season with a 14-4 loss to St Andrew’s 1 and will have to hope their one year in the top flight will help them in the second division next year. The first pair of Marta Krauze and Niamh McGlynn had another winning outing, taking all of Montrose’s sets. The second pair of Jen Richardson and 12-year-old Suzanne Stirling and the third pair of Fiona Cuthill and Georgia Stirling were always going to find the going tough, but Jen and Suzanne did have several close sets.

The third team ended in the middle of the fifth division with an 11-7 win over an under-strength David Lloyd of Monifieth. The first pair of Gillian Inglis and Dawn Ramsay won two of four sets played and two by forfeit. The second couple, Kirsty Broadley and Allie Henderson, won three of four played and the third pair of Joyce Holmes and Kara McGeachy could not add to the home team’s total.

The men’s first team lost to the Tayside champions Kinnoull by 11-7, but the close score ensures the side will stay in the first division next year. The first couple of Graeme Walker and Andy Moffat took five sets. The second pair of Fraser McGlynn and Brian Wright and the third couple, Jack Murison and James Sievewright, each won a crucial set, providing the set percentage margin over fifth-placed Craigmuir 1.

The men’s second team lost away to division four champions Tayport by 14-4 but their 7-3 record kept them comfortably in runner-up position and they will play in division three next year. Scott Lorimer and Stuart Matthews won two sets, as did Cameron Eeles and Ally Sievewright. Andy Baxter and Jamie Shakespeare came up empty handed.

The third team beat Falkland 2 by 11-7 in a rescheduled home match but then lost 17-1 away to St Andrew’s 2. In the victory, Richard Henderson and Simon Rolfe won six sets while the second couple, Ally Sievewright and Ian Matthews, won two. The third couple of David MacArthur and Andy Thorogood contributed three sets.

In St Andrew’s, the first pair of Richard Henderson and 14-year-old Nicholas Stirling took Montrose’s lone set. The second pair of David MacArthur and Brian Alston and the third couple, Iain Kay and Arthur Lowe, could not add to Montrose’s total. Montrose finished fourth in the five-team division five and will drop to the sixth division if two teams go down.

At the men’s teams’ annual dinner, Ally Sievewright was named captain’s player of the year and 16-year-old Jack Murison was chosen by the players as their player of the year.