Montrose Links boosts its image

Montrose Golf Links have appointed seven golf ambassadors who are drawn from the three golf clubs for their historic golf course.

Andy Boyd, chairman of the classic Links, said: “Our marketing committee suggested this and it has proven in practice to be a great success for our visitors.

“Our golf ambassadors not only give our visitors a brief history of our course, but also ensure all the arrangements such as catering, playing times and buggies are taken care of.”

Claire Penman the company secretary, added: “We have had very positive comments from our visitors from places like France, Sweden, Canada, USA and Australia as well as across UK.

“As well as telling us about playing such a superb course, they have also commented how much they have appreciated the welcome and support from our golf ambassadors.

“I am sure these visiting golfers will go back home and tell other golfers about this and it is by spreading this message to others,

“We hope to have even more visitors to our course and, therefore, increase not only our income but also spending money in our area. We believe this will provide a boost to our accommodation providers, restaurants and other local businesses.”