Montrose Pool 
League results

In the Montrose Pool League’s weekends events, the results are as follows:

B Division leaders Northern Vaults A lost against Marykirk, allowing Lochside Warriors to go top.

The Captain’s Cup will be at the Lochside Bar on Friday, February 28, starting at 8 p.m.

A Division: Royal Montrose GC 1, Golf Inn Bar 11; Northern Vaults B 7, Caledonia GC 5; Neptune Bar 8, Neptune Lounge 4; Golf Inn Lounge 7, Hillside Knights 5.

B Division: Hillside Warriors 5, b@r 7; Lochside Warriors 9, Albert Tigers 3; Anchor Bar 4, Legion B 8; Star Hotel 4, Black Abbot 8; Marykirk 7, Northern Vaults A 5.