Montrose Town Hall BC

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THE WEDNESDAY Rinks League results were as follows:

AJ Moir 6 W Wallace 5, S L Hale 11 R Mutch 6, W Hendry 13 E Warden 6, R Christie 7 G Cameron 6, SL Hale 12 E Warden 4, AJ Moir 13 G Cameron 0, W Wallace 10 R Christie 1, R Mutch 9 W Hendry 6.

With two games to play Arthur Moir, Stewart Hale and Bob Mutch’s teams all have six points.

The final Wednesday Rinks League games will be played on April 6.

7.30pm - W Wallace v W Hendry, R Mutch v R Christie, A J Moir v E Warden, G Cameron v S L Hale; 8.30pm S L Hale v R Christie, G Cameron v W Hendry, R Mutch v A J Moir, W Wallace v E Warden.

Final Sunday League results: R Mutch 9 W Wallace 5, W Hendry 10 S L Hale 7, R Christie 9 A J Moir 3, E Warden 10 G Cameron 5, S L Hale 11 G Cameron 0, R Christie 8 E Warden 5, W Hendry 7 W Wallace 4, R Mutch 6 A J Moir 5.