Montrose Town Hall Bowling Club report

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The Monday morning session winners were the triple of Jim Harrison skip, Iris Pirie and Stuart Hale, 12 shots up.

Wednesday League results: W Hendry 24, A J Moir 8; S Reid 17, R McDougall 9; S L Hale 14, J Paterson 10; A Christieson 16, W Wallace 4.

Stuart Hale’s team of Eric Henderson, Peggy Henderson and Roseanne McLean were the league winners by a clear three points with the runners-up being Raymond McDougall’s team of Alan Wilson, Alan Fry and David Murray.

Sunday League results: S L Hale 25, R Mutch 10; W Hendry 21, J Paterson 15; R McDougall 20, A J Moir 13; A Christieson 16, W Wallace 14.

The League winners were the team of Raymond McDougall skip, Rosemary Fairweather, Peggy Henderson, Margaret Hughan and Joyce Moncur. It was a good day for Peggy Henderson being in the winning teams of both the Wednesday and Sunday Leagues.

SThe Target League commences tonight (March 19) at 7 p.m. The ties at 7 p.m. are S L Hale v W Hendry; A J Moir v W Wallace; S Reid v M Hughan; D Hampton v R McDougall. The ties at 8 p.m. are S Reid v R McDougall; W Hendry v M Hughan; W Wallace v D Hampton; S L Hale v A J Moir.

The Target League ties for Sunday (March 23) at 2 p.m. are A J Moir v D Hampton; S L Hale v W Wallace; S Reid; S L Hale v R McDougall.