Royal Montrose trophy night

ROYAL Montrose Golf Club held its annual presentation of prizes on Friday. This year’s Club Champion is A. Serrels, with runner-up J. Gardiner. I. Harley is the Seniors’ Champion.

Other awards made were as follows:

Team Trophies: C.B. Webster Trophy - C. Curnin, W. T. Strachan; Charles Cameron Quaich - R. Yacamini, J. Calder, R. Henderson; R.M. Livingston Trophy - M. Maguire, A. Forsyth, F. Auld, G. Coull.

Past Captains/Committee Quaich - I. Harley, M. Stewart, C. MacGowan.

April Medal, scratch - A. Serrels, handicap J. Walkden. Spring Medal, scratch - D. McLean, handicap I.W.R. Stuart. May Medal, scratch - R. Coull, handicap John Richardson Jnr. June Medal - A. Simpson, handicap J.A. Grant. July Medal, scratch - A. Serrels, handicap A. MacDonald. August Medal, scratch - I.W.R. Stuart, handicap W. Lorimer. September Medal, scratch - B. Williams, handicap B. Ritchie. Autumn Medal, scratch - A. Serrels, handicap W. Lorimer. October Medal, scratch - J. Strachan, handicap P. McGuone.

Individual Medals - Keithock Medal - J. Gardiner. 1890 Medal - D. McLean. Dunnett Medal - I.N. Gall. Lessells Medal - J.M. Pert. Original Gold Medal - J. Strachan.

Club Trophies – Summer Eclectic Trophy - J. Hillyear. Tri-Score Pairs Trophy - P. Sutherland, D. Sutherland. Four Clubs Trophy - F. Auld. Bill Tulloch Trophy - A. MacDonald. Millennium Trophy - A. MacDonald. Adamson Trophy - J.A. Smith; Rangoon Cup B. Williams. Charles Graham Memorial Trophy - J. Walkden.

Stableford Trophy - J. Rome. Stableford Pairs Shield - J. Rome, J.M. Pert. Taylor Trophy - S. Smith. Centenary Trophy - G. Shepherd. Victory Tankard - N. Munro. Jim Webster Memorial Shield - B. McGurk. RNLI Trophy - B. Williams.

Seniors Edzell Medal - I. Harley. John A. Smith Trophy - B. Lorimer, B. Ritchie. 150th Anniversary Cup - R. Coull.

Graeme Paton Memorial Trophy - D.M. Thompson. The Tom Long Salver I.W.R. Stuart. The Bicentenary Trophy - S. Smith. Stan Cuthbert Memorial Quaich - B. Williams. Dave Nicoll Memorial Quaich - K. McGeachy.

Matchplay Competitions: David L. Cowie Quaich - R. Angood, runner-up D. Sutherland. The Cowie Tankard - R. Angood, runner-up G. Coull. Trefor Jones Trophy - A. Paton, B. Cole, runners-up M. Boyd, S. Valentine. Broomfield Mixed Fours - T. Cresdee, A. Paton, runners-up A. Alston, T. Williams.

Bissett Cup - A. Forsyth, G. Strachan, runners-up R. Valentine, C. Curnin. F.A. Milne Trophy - G. Maiden, M. Smith, runners-up B. Ritchie, J. Strachan. Silver Jubilee Greensomes - A. Forsyth, J. Strachan, runners-up D. Munro, N. Munro. Foote Millar Trophy - S. Lyon, runner-up D.M. Thompson. Coronation Cup - A. Forsyth, runner-up A.L. MacFarlane. W. Johnston Trophy - G.N. Hemsley, runner-up W.T. Strachan. J.F. Crawford Trophy - A. Serrels, runner-up J. MacLean. Veterans Trophy - D. Robb.