Superb display by Inch BC Pairs finalists

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After a week of sunshine, the final of the Inch Bowling Club’s Open Pairs Tournament was played in low cloud and finished in heavy rain.

The event was won by the home club’s Bert Mackie and Ken Marvelley, who were all square with one end to play against the Hillside BC pairing of Aileen and Tom Kirkaldy.

The game got off to a good start for Bert and Ken, because despite losing the first end by one shot, they led 8-1 at end five then Eileen and Tom got a six to trail 7-8.

They swopped the next few ends and at end 10 Aileen and Tom moved ahead with a four to lead 14-12.

The next four ends were shared to leave the game tied at 14 ends. With the rain getting really heavy Bert and Ken won by a single shot.

Inch president Ken Marvelley proposed a vote of thanks before inviting ladies’ president Cath Evans to present the trophy and prizes to the winners andrunners-up, and semi-finalists Danny McKenzie and Willie Whyte from Inch BC and Tom Fitchett and Steve Middleton from Melville BC.


Round one : A. Melvin bt J. Smith, J. Donad bt A. Crosby, A. Kirkaldy bt J. Noble, G. Barclay bt D. Ritchie, M. Murray bt G. Robertson, D. McKenzie bt Y. Ritchie, S. West bt P. Henderson, J. Peter bt H. Campbell, T. Fitchett bt I. Spink, W. Walker bt C. Evans.

Round two: J. Donald bt A. Melvin, A. Kirkaldy bt G. Barclay, D. McKenzie bt M. Murray, S. West bt J. Peter, T. Fitchett bt W. Walker, D. Duncan bt D. Baillie, B. Mackie bt W. Abernethy, R. Mallie bt C. Nicoll.

Quarter-finals: A. Kirkaldy bt J. Donald, D. Mckenzie w/o, T. Fitchett bt D. Duncan, B. Mackie bt R. Mallie.

Semi-finals: A. Kirkaldy bt D. McKenzie, B. Mackie bt T. Fitchett.

On Saturday the Inch four of Cath Evans, Arlene Rushmere, Jim and Jean Noble beat a Hillside BC four to progress to the next round of the Renny Tailyour Trophy while in the Hutcheson Trophy Colin Norton, Willie Whyte, Danny McKenzie and Bill Walker lost out to Drumlithie. Both games were played at Inch.

On Sunday Inch will play Montrose BC at Hillside in the M & DBA Top Ten Tournament, with Hillside playing Hope Paton.