This week’s round-up of club and Links returns

COME hell or high water - and this past week we’ve had both - Montrose golfers go out and compete.

The following are the most recent club and links returns to reach us.

Mercantile Ladies

August 1: T & C Stableford round four, Broomfield Course, CSS 68 - 1, A. Reoch (35), 33 points (bih); 2, F. Milsom (28) 33 points.

Medal Course, CSS 76 - E.J. Wallwork (15), 36 points.

Caledonia Golf Club

Open Week Mixed Greensomes: 1, C. and A. Littlewood (20) 57; 2, R. and J. Burness (23) 59.

Men’s NP - 3, R. Burness; Men’s LD 5, S. Fullarton; Lady’s LD 18, A. Rioch.

Caledonia Ladies

July SLGA Medal/first round Lady Trophy Medal CSS 76 RO: Bronze - 1, C. Smith (29) 78; 2, C. Littlewood (26) 80: Silver - 1, E. Cole (19) 82

July Caley Medal/first round Lady Trophy Broomfield CSS 71 RO: 1, L. Paton 79 (26) 79; 2, P. Craig 87 (31).

Links Competitions

Cockerill Cup, second round results: J. McDonald (MM) beat S. Gordon (MM), 4&3; F. Harcus (MC) beat M. Paton (MC) 6&4; R. Bailey (MC) lost 4&3 to M. Falconer (MC); J. Wood (MC) lost 7&6 to J. Beedie (MM).

Semi-final draw: J. McDonald (MM) v F. Harcus (MC); M. Falconer (MC) v J. Beedie (MM).

Ties are to be played by August 15.

Junior Links, first round: J. Beedie (MM) wo S. Balfour (MM); S. Gordon (MM) lost 3&2 to F. Soutar (MM); A. Littlewood (MC) lost 2&1 to A. Hutchison (MM). G. Spark, (MM) received a bye to the semi-finals.

Draw for semi-finals: J. Beedie (MM) v F. Soutar (MM); A. Hutchison (MM) v G. Spark (MM). Semi-finals to be played by August 15.

Charles Webster Trophy semi-final results: G.N. Hemsley (RM) beat N. Faulkner (MM) 3&2; S. Fullarton (MM) beat J. Watt (MC) one hole.

The final, between G.N. Hemsley (RM) and S. Fullarton (MM) will be played on Sunday, August 28 at 1.45pm.

Royal Montrose

August 6: August Medal winner was Ross Coull scratch, Graham Hemsley handicap. Class 1 – 1, Graham Hemsley (6) 66; 2, Ian Gall (7) 70bih; 3, Colin Frew (5) 70bih. Class 2 – 1, John Paton (13) 73 bih; 2, Adrian Robinson (14) 73; 3, Charlie Kelly (21) 76. CSS for the day was 72.