Town Hall bowling well under way

Montrose Town Hall Bowling Club had a good attendance on Monday with the triple winners Margaret Coull, skip; Rosie Mallie and Michael Lawrence six shots up.

Winners of Sunday’s full house were Bob Christie, skip; Bill Wallace, David Murray and Marion Newton, eight shots up.

For the third year running the club has received from Scotmid Co-operative vouchers for £250 to purchase items for the mid-session tea break. The club has expressed its thanks to Scotmid.

The draw for the Triples Championship, starting on Monday is: 10 a.m., J. Harrison, I. Pirie. M. Lawrence v R. Mutch, R, Fairweather, M. Elliot, with winners playing at 11 a.m. against R. Christie, M. Stott and B. Sanderson.

Further games at 11 a.m.: A.J. Moir, R. Mallie, M. Lawrence v F. Robb, D. Melvin, S. Grieve; W. Hendry, M. Coull, H. Coull v S.L. Hale, I. Donald, J. Williams; M. Robb, D. Murison, M. Newton v. A. Melvin, R. McLean, S. Lawrence. All winners play again at 10 a.m. on Monday, October 13.

The Sunday League will start at the unusual time of 10 a.m., thereafter the usual time 2 p.m.

The Wednesday League begins on October 8 at 7 p.m. Tonight (Wednesday) the annual game against the Round Table starts at 7 p.m.