Town Hall bowls update

THE LATEST news and results from Montrose Town Hall Bowling Club are as follows.

Sunday League


W. Wallace 18, R. McDougall 8; D. Hampton 11, R. Christie 10; W. Hendry 15, R. Mutch 13; A. Christieson 14, S.L. Hale 12.


The next Sunday League games will be played on December 16 at 2pm.

D. Hampton v R. Mutch; A. Christieson v R. McDougall; R. Christie v S.L. Hale; W. Hendry v W. Wallace.

League table

P W L Shots Pts

D. Hampton 8 6 2 47 12

R. Christie 8 5 3 10 10

W. Wallace 8 5 3 9 10

S.L. Hale 8 4 4 -8 8

A. Christieson 8 4 4 -17 8

W. Hendry 8 4 4 -27 8

R. McDougall 8 2 6 16 4

R. Mutch 8 2 6 -29 4

Wednesday League


Wednesday League fixtures for tonight (December 12) at 7pm are as follows.

W. Wallace v R. Christie; D. Hampton v S.L. Hale; W. Hendry v S. Reid; R. McDougall v J. Paterson.

December sessions

Thursday 13th - Bounce Games, 10am.

Sunday 16th - League, 2pm.

Monday 17th - Bounce Games, 10am.

Wednesday 19th - League, 7pm.

Thursday 20th - Bounce Games, 10am.

Sunday 23rd - League, 2pm.

Festive Break

Montrose Town Hall Bowling Club will close over the Christmas and New Year period, and meetings will resume on Sunday, January 6, with league games starting at 2pm.

Festive print

advanced deadlines

OVER the festive season our December 27 and January 3 issues will be printed a day early, on the Monday rather than the Tuesday.

This means sports copy must be in our hands as early as possible on the Sunday, when a reporter will be in the office to deal with it.

Anything arriving on the Monday will likely be held over for the following week.