New concept - community sport hubs

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WHAT is a community sport hub?

There will be an opportunity to find this out at Montrose Sports Centre on Monday, February 25, at a meeting in the GP room.

The invitation, from development officer Jordann Cunningham, says that community sport hubs are a national initiative supported by sportscotland, and are designed to bring local sports clubs together in local places such as club pavilions, sports centres, community centres, the natural environment and/or schools, bringing local people together and aiming to provide homes for local clubs and sports organisations.

The evening will take the following topics.

* What is a community sport hub?

* What are the benefits of being part of a community sport hub?

* What does a community sport hub look like?

* Discussion points.

Within the discussion points the following key themes will be reviewed.

Increasing part-icipation: How can the community sport hub help increase the amount of people participating in sport and physical activity in Montrose.

Working together and communication: How can the Community Sport Hub work effectively together to increase opportunities for the local community, and strengthen the organisation involved? How can we promote better?

Training and education: How can the community sport hub recruit volunteers and coaches into the hub and associated partners? How can the community sport hub support coaches, volunteers and leaders of clubs and organisations?

Jordann emphasises that in order to assess numbers attending, anyone interested is invited to contact him and to let him know.

He can be contacted at 01307 474247 or by e-mail