If you like that writer ... you may well like this one, too!

Angus Libraries members can access a new online guide that helps lovers of fiction discover new authors.

“Who else writes like … ?” lets readers look up their favourite authors and find recommendations for as many as a dozen others who write in a similar style.

Readers can also browse by genre, by character or find lists of prize-winning writers and each entry gives brief information about the author including a link to the author website if available.

This online guide is based on the printed book which was first published in the 1990s and quickly became a ‘bible’ for library staff all over the UK.

The content for both the book and the online version of ‘Who else writes like … ?’ is compiled from advice given by a panel of librarians from across the UK and in Australia.

Carnoustie and Monifieth Librarian Hazel Cook says: “Although it is easy for readers to find automatic recommendations online based on their past searches and other readers’ preferences, this guide provides considered, expert opinion and includes the most popular authors in terms of UK public library loans. We’re delighted to provide our members with free, 24/7 access to this invaluable resource that’s perfect for all who love reading, not just for librarians.”

“Who else writes like … ?” can be accessed via the library’s online catalogue on the Angus Council website.