Llandyll’s funding boost for dance charity

Fergus Storrier (left) is pictured at the presentation with Llandyll Gove.
Fergus Storrier (left) is pictured at the presentation with Llandyll Gove.

LOCAL arts charity Showcase the Street is £750 better off thanks to the fund-raising efforts of a former member.

Llandyll Gove raised the money with sales of his Christmas charity CD ‘Season of Hope’ which he recorded to support the charity as well as the local fund set up to help local boy Rhys Allan, who has cerebral palsy and recently underwent stem cell therapy in Germany.

The project raised £1,500 in total which has now been divided equally between the two causes.

Showcase the Street promotes the performing arts to young people across Angus and Llandyll, now a professional performer, worked for the group shortly after it was founded.

He said: “Although my job takes me away from Montrose for most of the year it’s nice to be able to do something like the Christmas CD to help out local charities. The charity for Rhys will help with specialised treatment for him, whilst the Showcase project is new to Montrose and benefits many young people locally.”

Showcase chairman Fergus Storrier accepted the cheque from Llandyll.

He said: “Llandyll used to dance with us as when he was younger and he also developed into volunteering and a paid placement.

“It’s great that he has taken his talents forward into an excellent career but it’s also great to see him give something back to the local area, and I’d like to thank him on behalf of Showcase and all the young people who use our premises.”