Grand result for fund-raising CD

sales of a CD released to raise money for Montrose YM’s music group have so far exceeded £1,000 and will help fund new equipment for young musicians.

Released just last month, ‘Doss: Music from Montrose’ has sold well with more than £300 raised on its launch night alone and the £500 mark reached around two weeks later.

YM manager Val Cooper this week said its sales have so far exceeded expectations and she praised the “professionalism” of the young people behind the idea.

The CD was the idea of Stuart Thomson and Nicky Pirie who brought together the 16 performers featured, all of whom have benefited from the music group in some way and wished to thank the YM for the support and encouragement both it and youth worker Mo Dickson have given young artists over the years.

The group has run since 2001 and has grown in popularity that it now operates twice weekly, catering for beginners as well as more advanced members.

Val said: “I don’t think the YM or Mo could have been paid a higher compliment. People are ready to say that young people are negative, but the present and past members of the music group, and in that music circle, have been appreciative of the YM and being able to come to the music group.

“Not only did they take the time to do this but their professionalism is full credit to them. I think their planning and being adamant that they wanted it done in time for the music festival has helped. It was well thought out and it showcases just what talent we have locally.”

The YM has its own small recording studio and much of the CD was recorded there and Val said it is likely to benefit from some improvements as a result of the CD’s success.

She said: “All the money raised from the CD will go towards the music group whether it is new resources, additional staff hours or volunteer training. The kids will have an input and I’m sure there will be a list as far as equipment is concerned, not so much instruments but probably things that help with the recording side of it.

“I know Mo wants to devote more time to recording but at the moment he takes it home with him to edit so I suppose high grade editing equipment will be the next request.

“We’re really grateful to everyone involved for their efforts and want to assure them that the money will be spent on the music group in whatever way.”

Copies of the CD are available from Johnston’s Newsagents on Murray Street, or online at