Musicians band together for YM

A FUND-RAISING CD featuring the best of Montrose’s musical talent has been released to help support the YM’s music group.

The compilation album, ‘Doss: Music From Montrose” features 16 tracks across a variety of genres, from acoustic to hard rock to pop. The idea was the result of a collaboration between local musicians Nicky Pirie, drummer with Late Landing, and Stuart Thomson, singer and Mo Fest committee member, to thank the group for the support and encouragement it has given young artists over the years.

Stuart said: “The YM’s music group is fantastic, whether you are a beginner or the next Jimi Hendrix. The staff are friendly, enthusiastic and helpful and they make playing music extremely fun.

“I don’t know where I’d be without Mo Dickson’s advice and teaching ability. Almost everything I know about mixing and sound production has come from him.”. After all the bands chipped in, the CDs were glass mastered and produced by a professional company, and an official launch party will be held at B@r in Hume Street on Friday.

The event doubled as an open mic session at which everyone was welcome to take part. Copies of the CD, which costs £6, will be available. It will also be on sale at Johnston’s Newsagent on Murray Street, at the Montrose Music Festival on the official merchandise desk and can be ordered online at DOSS.BIGCARTEL.COM.